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Sherlock Holmes psychology

Here’s the deal. In my Abnormal Psych class we’ve got to write one paper diagnosing a literary/fictional media character with some sort of psychological disorder a la the DSM-IV.

A) is that not the coolest paper idea ever

B) I’m doing my paper on Sherlock Holmes

Now, the paper itself isn’t due until the end of April, but my professor wants a preliminary sketch in by tomorrow (basically a paragraph on who we picked, what disorder we’re diagnosing them with etc) and I’m a bit torn between my options.

Originally I compiled a list of possible diagnoses and came up with:

Then I started looking into the DSM-IV and ruled out Bipolar and Asberger’s for something more fitting. They have no separate entry for Sociopath and include it under the umbrella term of Antisocial Personality Disorder, which, upon further inspection, is not suited to my purposes at all (Antisocial Personality Disorder as described by the DSM is much better suited to say, Moriarty than Sherlock).

So now I’ve narrowed it down to:

The second simply because the first warns that some symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder can present themselves in substance-related (cocaine is noted particularly here)  mood disorders and we all know Sherlock is famous for his cocaine addiction, so I’m not yet ruling that out.

This paper is more about the diagnosis as following the criteria in the DSM-IV than an actual character study (that character is more of a sounding board and a way to make the paper more interesting and give us a patient to diagnose) and in that case Narcissistic Personality Disorder is looking rather favourable.

Anyway, point of this post is, anyone else have an opinion?

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