but we Russians, we have nothing but our Winter
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An ode to those assholes in Azzy’s hallway,

I hate the way you run down the hall
and the way you shout
I hate that you think you’re tough shit
when you’re really worse than gout
I hate your stupid, ugly face
and the noise it makes when you yell
I hate it so much it makes me sick
You should go to hell

I hate it when you come back at night, drunk and shouting slurs
I hate it when you puke and leave the bathroom in a mess
I hate it when you have sex so loud
because in case you didn’t know,
these walls are paper thin
I hate that you’re so fucking loud
and the fact that you never shut up
But mostly I hate the way I will always hate you
Because you are loud,
and really, really disgusting
and I just want to blog in peace.